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  • Elevated Images Photography is the professional photography of Denver, Colorado photographer Brian Root. 
  • I have a studio location in north metro Denver. I'm comfortable working in studio or on location. I am available for work in Longmont, Boulder and all Northern Colorado Communities frequently making trips to the mountain towns in Colorado. I am also willing to travel world wide for destination weddings or anything you might require professional photographer. Visit the availability page to see other areas of availability.
  • Areas of Photographic Services: These are not a complete list of services only our most common requests. If you have a project that is not listed below please contact me.
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Please browse our blog posts below. From time to time I blog about some of the projects I am working on, as well as photography/camera tips, and industry news.


CD cover photography for Denver, CO Singer Songwriter Ebony Lion

The Talented and beautiful Singer Songwriter Ebony Lion here in Denver needed some photos of her cd as well as some promotional materials. After some good coffee we started off near the Highland Bridge which is the pedestrian bridge that crosses I-25 from Lodo to the Highland area of north Denver.

We then got some shots at the Millennium Bridge and The Oxford Hotel with the Union Station in the background. We drew the attention of tour guided visitors from Germany who thought they were witnessing some people more famous then we are... Someday Ebony will be I'm sure of it!

We finished around Lodo for some more Urban Fashion vibe type photos. Here's some of the photographs we came up with. I've been sitting on these pictures waiting for her website to get done, I'll link to it when it is available.

Ebony, you were a blast to work with and I wish you the best of luck! P.S. I enjoyed your show and the posters came out great!




Denver city lights, professional couples portraits with a fashion look.

Brittany wanted some portraits done of her and her Husband and was looking for something with a fashion look. Brittany and Jesse are getting a new home together and were looking to add something special to the bare walls. From what she had seen most professional photographers weren't providing this kind of service, just the typical boring, posed, Sears portrait studio type of look. Not something young and fresh with edge, the kind of thing I'm gladly becoming known for!

Brittany also was looking for something photographed at night showcasing some of the city lights around Denver. I knew this was just the type of thing I love to do, unique and challenging plus artistic, but something that would if pulled off correctly would look amazing and be photographs they could cherish forever. Driving around downtown Denver I found some places I think showcased the edgy look that they were looking for and we got started having a good time, luckily the weather was pretty good and we got some great photographs.

Thank you both for choosing me as your photographer to help decorate your new place and I hope you both had as much fun as we did! 


Couples Photographer in Denver

Arianna wanted some edgy unique photos of her and her boyfriend something that showed their personality and style. We started off on the edge of Lodo with some urban graffiti that popped and was perfect for their desired look. Then we took advantage of some of the funky sculpture art using containers, I had my eye on these to make for some cool photos for a while. The clock tower lofts in the background topped it off.

Afterward we moved in to the RINO part of Denver and were I think we pulled off some great looks there even if we were harrased by someone for using an empty parking lot... Oh well some people don't appreciate good photography I guess. I enjoyed working with Arianna and her man, my assistant and I had some good laughs, I know they will love these photos!


Kids Rockstar High Key Portraits

In keeping up with the band photography, I give you our Rockstar themed kids portraits! These are all around fun high key pictures kids actually enjoy having taken. And parents get to see their children's personalities...

What little girls wouldn't want to emulate Hannah Montana anyway. So get out your rockstar clothes and make an appointment for memorable fun! 


The Old Spice Superbowl Commercial 

Everyone has their favorite Superbowl Commercial and mine was the Old Spice "I'm on a horse" commercial. Directly after watching that one I asked myself hmmmmmm was it made live or was it Computer Generated Imagery similar to what you see in big Hollywood blockbusters such as Avatar. I suppose I'm even more atuned to that kind of question because I'm a photographer and because I too have completely changed the background of a photo or given a nip and tuck retouch to a client to give their portrait the appearence they envisioned of themselves. 

Well thank you to Leo Leporte to thetwit.tv we can all be let in on the secret of how this commercial was shot because he has posted on YouTube his interview with the commercials creators and I figured I would share it here.

I also want to give a shout out to Chase Jarvis a commercial photographer I am a fan of, where I first saw this clip.