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  • Elevated Images Photography is the professional photography of Denver, Colorado photographer Brian Root. 
  • I have a studio location in north metro Denver. I'm comfortable working in studio or on location. I am available for work in Longmont, Boulder and all Northern Colorado Communities frequently making trips to the mountain towns in Colorado. I am also willing to travel world wide for destination weddings or anything you might require professional photographer. Visit the availability page to see other areas of availability.
  • Areas of Photographic Services: These are not a complete list of services only our most common requests. If you have a project that is not listed below please contact me.
    • Lifestyle Portraits
    • Couples Portraits
    • Family Portraits
    • Children's Portraits
    • Maternity Portraits
    • Newborn Portraits
    • Senior Portraits
    • Wedding and Events
    • Commercial Photography
    • Annual Reports
    • Architecture
    • Business Portraits
    • Fashion/Editorial
    • Model portfolios
    • Pet Portraits
    • Band Photography

Please browse our blog posts below. From time to time I blog about some of the projects I am working on, as well as photography/camera tips, and industry news.


Wild Horses

The other day while driving in the middle of nowhere I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and turned around to investigate and am glad I did, what I saw was some beautiful horses that had a wild look to them. Anyway I thought I would share, good thing I had my camera equipment and a long telephoto.

For those Equestrian Lovers out there who would like a print of this picture or a screen saver for their computer let me know and I'll send it to you as a courtesy!  Anyone want a portrait with their beloved horse? I'm your photographer, I could get into photographing these amazing creatures!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Childrens Portraits Down at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween!

Jeez, I remember when I was a kid we never went to the pumpkin patch. :( I think I may have gone once in kindergarden on a class field trip but typically mom would just take me down to the grochery store, at least I got to pick the biggest one of the bunch. I do remember her carving an elaborate pumpkin for Halloween around when I was 5 years old, it was of Gene Simmons of KISS, I still remember just how cool I was to have such a pumkin, thanks mom!

One thing I know I don't have either is a portrait of me at the pumpkin patch... After photographing these kids I kind of wish she would have!





Artistic Maternity Portraits AKA Pregnancy Portraits

Not everyone knows I shoot this sort of thing but a while back I was asked if I shot Maternity Portraits. Being a photographer who loves photographing people of course I do but I hadn't really let it be known.

My client was excited about the prospect of having her pregnant curves photographed but of course was concerned about whether or not I could touch up of the flaws and whether I could present them in a way that was artistic.  I think she was pleasantly surprised in addition to being ecstatic on how they came out. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.


Aren't sleeping babies adorable!

Meet Taitum, he's just twelve days old and already a little model! He likes to stay up late, we were out till almost 11pm to get these shots but I think it was worth it, don't you agree? His Grandmother was very proud of her beautiful grand baby, I'm betting his parents are going to flip when they see just how cute these came out! Leave comments if you are fan of baby portraits!





Model portfolio session for Cada. She's planning on becoming a chef but dabbles in modeling while going to college. I'm pretty sure based on our limited time together that she is going to be great at whatever she puts her mind too. I'm sure someday she will be running Denver's finest kitchens.